Posted on Jun 3, 2021

CR Plumbing

CR Plumbing is now offering Platinum Maintenance Plan!

Benefits include:
Low annual cost
Priority scheduling - never be put on waitlist again
Annual inspection & report
5% discount on all plumbing service

Each inspection includes:
Video Inspection of Main Sewer Line
Test Household Water Pressure
Inspect Water Shutoff Valves for Sinks
Inspect Toilets & Water Heaters
Visual Inspection of all Exposed Plumbing
Check Drain Flow for Sinks, Tubs, Showers
Check Water Heater Operation
Check sump pump operation
Check Interior faucets for leaks
Check Hose Bibs for Leaks
Locate all emergency water shut-off valves
Check operation of toilets (includes dye testing)
Check exposed hot & cold water supply lines
Inspect washing machine hoses Locate &
Inspect clean outs
Water Heater Inspection Details
Gas Water Heater Check main burner & pilot
Inspect flue pipe
Check for proper vent draft
Check for water leaks
Check emergency shut-off valve operation
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